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What Can You Do To Add Sophistication To A Business You Run In Your Pajamas?

Most people who start up their own businesses often chuckle at them. It’s not that they’re a joke, per se. It’s just that if clients knew how they really operated, they’d run a mile. Fortunately, the inner workings of your business aren’t on show. And it’s probably best that things are kept that way. But why just keep secrets? Why not do the things that’ll make your business look a million bucks? Here’s how to add sophistication to a business you run while wearing your pajamas.

Set Up A Limited Company

At the moment, you’re probably registered as a sole trader, or a partnership if there’s more than one of you. And that’s fine if you want to be like everybody else. But if you’d like your business to look a bit more sophisticated, then you should probably opt for a different kind of company.

Your other option is, of course, setting up a limited company. When you set up as a limited company, your details are publicly viewable on Companies House. People can search for your credentials and they can see that you are who you say you are. This is ideal for businesses who want to display their previous financials and build trust.

Build A Killer Website

Having a great website is the keystone of business success in the digital age. Websites have become the new shop window. And everybody who has anything to do with your business will want to peer in. The great thing about websites, however, is that they don’t unmask the true nature of your business. Websites don’t reveal the horrible, falling-down office that you work in. And they don’t show you swearing at your coworkers with porridge spilled down your jim-jams.

Most experts recommend new businesses consult with marketing specialists who know how to build a good website. Experts will know the types of colors that are appropriate for your industry. And they’ll be able to advise on the sort of navigation and features you should include.

Get Engraved Stuff

These days, the good old-fashioned art of engraving is underutilized by business. But it can be an excellent way to show off the quality of your establishment. Companies like BossLaser have videos and information on how businesses can use etching and engraving. One cool idea is to have the nameplate on your office door engraved with your name, position and anything else you can think of. Another idea is to have laser cut rubber stamps that you can then use on letterheads. Because laser etching is such a general technology, the possibilities are essentially endless.

Virtual Mailing Destination

If you really want to make your business look professional, then you’ll invest in a virtual mailing address. Virtual mail works a bit like this. You pay a company for a post office box at a swanky address in the middle of town. They then periodically empty this mailbox and forward the mail to your real place of work. This way, customers don’t know you’re providing a service out of your garden shed.