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The Big 10: Simple Steps That Will Increase Customer Numbers & Loyalty

Regardless of what stage your business is currently at, increasing sales figures should be top of your agenda. Revenue isn’t the only crucial element that will contribute to your overall profits. But it is the foundation of generating success in business. Therefore, finding ways to boost your cause is essential.

Here are 10 effective ways to make sure that your business becomes an even bigger hit. Those impacts won’t only improve the relationships with existing clients. They’ll also boost your hopes of recruiting new ones in the process. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work.



#1. Perfect Your Brand

Your branding features might not impact the quality of your products or services. However, those elements essentially provide your company with its identity. Anything less than perfection in this area could damage customer links before you’ve even started.

Image is everything in business, and those first interactions are crucial to pushing a customer towards a sale. Whether it’s a logo or a website design, audiences should feel intrigued and enthused. Moreover, they should gain an instant understanding of what the brand is about.

Above all else, your company should boast character. This is what will help you stand out from the crowd. However, it’s not simply a case of being noticed. Your business also needs to strike a chord with the right audience.

#2. Do Your Homework

Whatever you do in business, you will not appeal to everyone. And if you think that you are capable of doing it, you need to stop living in a dream world. Quite frankly, defining your audience is the most important step of all. Without this direction, you’ll never unlock the full potential of the business.

Market research and finding your niche will allow you to achieve far greater results going forward. Even if it simply allows you to target Facebook ad campaigns to ensure the best value for money, those improvements can be key. More importantly, you’ll have a better understanding of what they’re looking for in products and services.

Far too many companies fall into the trap of trying to please everyone. In truth, your demographic is the only audience that matters. Even if non-customers hate your products, brand, and services, it won’t impact your sales at all. As long as your target market love it, you cannot go wrong.

#3. Increase Online Presence


The last decade or so has ushered in a new era for the world of business. Nowadays, it’s impossible to ignore the vital role that online communications play. And if you aren’t tapping into this market, you’re doing yourself a major disservice.

Most people are comfortable buying items on the internet. But even those who don’t have used their smartphones and tech devices to research products. In most cases, they will head to Google. Given that over nine in 10 searches end with the user clicking a link from the first page of results, investing in your ranking is vital. After all, you won’t only see increased traffic. More importantly, that traffic will be coming from people that are actively searching for products like yours.

Furthermore, adding a blog to your website can be a great way to add interest and generate more visits to your site. Not only do those posts give added insight into your ideas. The viral nature of content on social media also means that they can help your business get noticed by more people.

#4. Invest In The Staff

Making positive steps in business is all well and good, but it’s a little redundant if the team aren’t behind you. There’s only so much that you can do with one pair of hands. But if you look after your employees, they will take care of the customers.

Investing in staff development through customer service training is a great starting platform. But it’s equally important that the general atmosphere is positive too. Embracing a staff uniform with custom patches can encourage a greater sense of unity. Moreover, it creates a professional vibe and sense of authority that can be appreciated by customers on the shop floor too.

Your staff represents the brand and will often be the first point of contact for customers old and new. Make sure that they do so in a positive manner, and you will see positive outcomes.

#5. Run Promotions

All customers love experiencing the positive feelings of getting value for money. Perhaps more crucially, they need a push in the right direction from time to time. Running promotions is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

From a business perspective, it’s vital that you remain focused on converted sales. Gaining interest from 20 people who may or may not buy at a later date isn’t good enough. Automated email communications and timed promotions can push them to complete the purchase immediately. Let’s face it; the longer they spend debating the decision, the more likely they are to erect another obstacle.


Essentially, you don’t just need to give them a reason for buying the product. You need to give them an incentive for buying it now. Do this and, more often than not, you will see an increase in sales. And once you’ve gained their custom, turning them into loyal clients should become far easier.

#6. Incorporate Transparency

Customers need to trust your business. Therefore, if they have a reason to think that your dealings are a little shady, they’ll take their business elsewhere. Subsequently, hiding things from the clients can only have a negative impact.

All businesses will commit mistakes from time to time. Most customers will forgive these when you show a genuine desire to rectify the issues quickly. Upgrading your customer care through online live chat and telephone services can only help. Ensuring that all contact details are easily accessed is key.

Meanwhile, it’s important to introduce a clear returns policy too. If nothing else, it will remove any ambiguity to protect all parties involved.

#7. Embrace Recommendations

Marketing is a hugely important part of building a successful business operation. Having said that, potential customers will always respond better to the words of impartial people. They know that you’ll only have positive words to say. But hearing those thoughts echoed by others can make all the difference.

Running a referral scheme can be a very cost-effective and simple way of increasing brand awareness. Alternatively, influencer marketing can be a fantastic solution. Not only will this tap into the power of recommendation, but it helps give your business greater personality.

Even if it’s just placing customer testimonials on your website, you will see a difference. Positive words can remove any fears that potential customers may have. In turn, this can only boost your hopes of a sale.


#8. Sell Yourself

Outsiders can have a huge impact on the success of your marketing strategies. Nevertheless, you should still grab every opportunity to promote your business in a positive manner. You may not always appreciate it, but you are the company’s biggest unique selling point. Do not be afraid to show it.

We may live in a digital business world, but human interactions are still vital. Attending an exhibition show is a great way to spread the word to a large volume of clients. It’s additionally a fantastic way to network with other businesses.

It will help if you’re confident and speak with conviction. If this is a problem, visual presentations can overcome many of those issues. Furthermore, those elements can be used to brighten up your website too.

#9. Show Appreciation

Feeling valued and appreciated by the company can go a long way to boosting a customer’s perceptions of the brand. Consumers deserve to be treated as humans rather than a golden ticket to increased profits.

The customers are ultimately the most important people in your entire business venture. Whether it’s using promotional goods or offering special rewards for continued loyalty isn’t important. Simply going the extra mile to generate better receptions from the customer will strengthen your bond. In turn, it will strengthen your grip on the market too.

Besides, those gestures keep your business fresh in their minds. This should stop them from ever thinking about taking their custom to a competitor.



#10. Expand

Growth isn’t all about improving your situation in the current location. There comes a time where the business model will reach its ceiling. Of course, you’ll still need to complete various tasks to maintain that success. To grow the company, however, you’ll need to cast your nets further afield.

Modern technology and communication make it easier than ever to open a secondary business location. In fact, you could even look at franchising opportunities. This way, you’ll increase awareness and profits without doing too much work yourself. Instead, you’ll just need to oversee the progress from afar.



Whether you complete the expansion yourself or through franchising, it’s a great way to reach new audiences. You already have a winning blueprint in place, with a few tweaks it could be your key to an even brighter future.