About Us

About dbr

dbr (Dream Big Rewards), is a
Clearingwebsite for unique and original
small business digital content curated,
edited and managed by Eric Pratama.

dbr is meant to be a informative and helpful
reseouce for any aspect of web surfer. I
love copy writing and sharing useful
information i got when i stumble on
internet. I try to find best stuff and
represented to our reader in focus at how
to, step by step, with example noob glasses

Dream Big Rewards is more about how far our
dream could reach also how easy the cash
will come, i was started everything on small
blogging platform, yes i used Twitter for a
year. When my dream even bigger that 140
words on that flatform, i begin to read for
hundred article at first to decide spent
more time and investation on serious board
of web address.

Please dont hesitated to throw me some question on contact form.

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