Month: September 2016

Unlocking The Value Of Outsourcing: A Guide For Startups

Outsourcing is an incredibly valuable tool for startups, and without it, many would struggle to survive. The simple truth is that startup owners do not have the time to do everything – as much as they might try. And at some point, handing over the reigns to a third party is going to be critical. Not just to get things done, but also to free up your time and energy to focus on making more money. However, all this is not to say you should just outsource everything. In fact, just like anything else in business, when you outsource there are a few things to consider. In today’s guide, we’re going to go through some of the things you need to think about and use as best practice while outsourcing. Read on to find out more. credit Work out the ‘what’ and ‘why.’ The first step in successful outsourcing is understanding what you need – and why you need it. There are a few common themes that crop up often, such as freeing up time …

Lean Times: Why Are Manufacturing Startups So Obsessed With Being Frugal?

Manufacturing has always been about producing the highest quality goods at the lowest possible price. And most manufacturers take decades of experimentation to build up their productivity. They rely on all the experience and know-how built up over the generations. And often, their processes are unique. But manufacturing startups can’t afford to take this slow ramp to productivity. They need to perform in the here and now. Ideally, they’d be able to emulate best-in-class production practices from the outset. Here are some simple ways any startup manufacturing outfit can improve its productivity. Improve The Flow Of Materials

Clever Ways To Rebrand Your Company

Image Source There are plenty of benefits to rebranding your business. It gives you the chance to attract new customers who previously, weren’t interested in your company. You might also find that your brand recognition increases because you have made a change that is eye catching or attention-worthy. Trust us when we say, there’s no downside to rebranding your business. So, how should you start this process? Change Up Your Office Property Pexels Image Location You might want to start by looking at your office if you have one. Think about altering the outside so that it is more attractive and appealing. Your business property should stand out and attract the attention of customers passing by. It needs to send some messages about your business as well. For instance, you should be aiming to make sure that your company appears new and fresh. Believe it or not, a fresh lick of paint can have this effect. If you use prime painters, you can make your office building stands out and looks the part of a …