Month: December 2015

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Keyword Research Tool – How Master it.

Best Keyword Research Tool Free Stuff This is most crucial parts on SEO, i usually spent many hours to get exact keyword that fit my criteria for adsense blog, Low competition, high searches and high advertiser volume. If you play it right and your SEO on-page and SEO off-page effort working to get you on top SERP, make sure you work for right keyword. Some internet gurus call this technique keyword snipping, lot of premium keyword research tools out there but i simply keep using free resources because i love free stuff, dont you? First tool was great tools google keyword research tool from google adwords keyword planner. This tool was made actually to help their advertisers for creating new ad groups and ad campaigns. You will be ask 4 different task : Search for New Keyword using phrase, website or category. Get search volume data and trends. Multiply keyword lists to get new keywords For advertiser budget they come with get click and cost performance forecasts. Google adwords keyword planner really good to find new keyword ideas and suggestion. You can input your data on three …

Online Business 2015 Trends

Place to Find Great Forums for SEO

When the product does go live, many people will start searching for it online. Next thing you know, they see the forum thread, they visit it and they start reading the posts. At that point, it would be wise for you to read the product, set up a landing page for it offering a review and a bonus for people to buy through your link and, of course, add a link in your signature file saying something like: “The Super Ebook Review”. All your posts will now have a link to your review of the new product. And of course, nothing stops you from posting again in that thread. People usually read the very last post on a thread. You can even be direct and say something like: “I just bought The Super Ebook. Check out my review in my sig file”. If you see a forum thread on one forum that has generated a lot of interest in a forum, you can just start an almost identical thread on another forum in your market. You …